Friday, 28 February 2014

Why To Suffer

We are living in the world of questions.We keep on searching  for the reasons.The foremost question is "Why are women not treated equally?Although nobody cares but it is a matter of thinking. Aren't all people equal then why does discrimination takes place among male and female?It keeps on coming in papers and live one news...cases of rapes,discrimination,abuse,violation etc its only the females that suffer and not men.As time is changing our country is developing.We have stopped sati and allow widow remarriage but more problems are arising like female infanticide,rape etc.If this is the condition of our country then how do we call ourselves "literate". As of sure all are equal is mentioned in laws but we don't actually follow it.Still men are given preference.After so much rapid expansion of  knowledge,education and technology, we are still stuck on this issue.There are no fields or tasks where women can't opt for.They are equally talented and devoted to their work in comparison with men.What boys can do so do girls.They why is it that they are not given opportunities?No force on Earth can deprive anyone of their rights.Its just matter of time that women has to raise her voice and stand  for her rights.People should change their mentalities and broaden up their minds towards women.This ideology has to be changed.We have good benchmark examples around us- Kiran Bedi,Kalpana Chawla,Rani laxmibai ....all these great ladies were perfectionist in their work.But  still why do girls like Nirbhaya have to suffer?No one as thought over this.Women should get chance to showcase their potentialities. We live in a high class society but still we say a girl is spoiled  if she wears short dresses,attends parties.Even the boys do the same but who cares they are boys after all.Surely they'll be a time when boys will be asked to be back home before 7 pm and women will be ruling streets.

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