Thursday, 20 February 2014

A burden?

In our fast developing economy today, we find ourselves knocking on the doors of development with regards to architecture, GDP, etc. Many other countries have come knocking on our own doors to seek spiritual guidance. We have great cultures as well as traditions. But somehow, not all traditions lead towards equality as a whole. The most common danger we today face in independent India is Gender discrimination. These two words are so prominent in India that they just cannot be ignored. Not even in the highly developed areas of our country. Women, everywhere are the victims. They have been brutalized, belittled and harassed only because of their gender. The boy child is always more favored as he is supposed to be the heir who carries on the legacy of the family. But what we ignore frequently is the fact that it is finally women who give birth. Female infanticide although banned now can still be seen prevalent. Sati although eradicated can still be found practiced in many remote villages. Dowry, is probably the most famously known practice. The parents of the family of the girl consider it as the most respected tradition dating back to ages and hence work their whole lives to collect enough. The truth is its never enough. The in-laws always want more. And if not provided with enough, the girl's life becomes a living hell. These are just a few of the many mundane practices carried forward against women. Our girls face these problems everyday. Every morning is another dawn of cruelty and harassment. Yet, we have been progressing, step by step. Many women idols we find today have helped us get rid off the superstitions and demeaning traditions. We today can acquire knowledge and reach great heights. If nursed, girls can also put forward a helping hand to contributing towards society and helping other girls who still suffer. So today, I ask you to let go of all the evils and embrace gender equality for a better future for our children to live in and our ancestors to be proud of.

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