Friday, 21 February 2014

The plight of the modern woman

Though we say that that gender based discrimination has totally vanished from today’s society it is not totally true. Women are still considered to be weaker than males. Today a man is still first preference in the army. Males are considered to carry on the family name but the women  has to take her husband’s surname. The child that is born carries his father’s surname and not his mother's. People still believe that it is a woman's job to perform jobs like working at people’s home as nannies or babysitters. Gender discrimination also takes in our homes when girls are not allowed to wander outside the house at night.  Women are not only discriminated in the society but also harassed at homes by their husbands. Women are also discriminated in religions. Women are deprived from praying in the public. Only men are seen in mosques sitting for Namaz . Such discrimination also takes in the Hindu religion. Women are not allowed to hold  the plate of diyas  while aarti. Sati is another anti-feminist tradition which has resulted in tens of thousands of women being burned alive. However it is not just religion that spearheads the mistreatment of women. This type of discrimination also takes place in sports such as tennis where the prize money is the same for both males and females but the sets played by women are only 3 whereas sets played men are 5.
Today in many villages a girl child is considered as a burden for the family. They have great fanfare when a boy is born; he is seen as an heir to the family, whereas a girl is seen as only a waste of money and time; 'she will get married, then she will only associate with her husband's family. She will never visit us.'   Though strict laws are passed in our country we still hear cases from the media about female infanticide, domestic violence etc, all these practices are still running rampant. As the future of our country, we all need to realize the wrong doings in our society and spread awareness about them.

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